• Last Will Book Back Cover
  • Last Will Book Back Cover

Make Your Own Last Will & Testament

If you pass away without a Last Will and Testament, your property and assets will be distributed according to state law, and you won’t have any say over who gets what. This means your loved ones may not receive the inheritance you intended for them, and your minor children may not be cared for by the person you would have chosen.

To make sure your wishes are followed, it’s crucial to create your own Last Will and Testament. With this “Make Your Own Last Will and Testament” book, you’ll get a clear, plain-English guide to help you through the process. Our comprehensive book includes all the instructions and template forms you need to create a legally binding will that protects your assets and your loved ones.

Some of the benefits of using our book include:

  • Leaving your money and property to the people and causes you care about most.
  • Avoiding costly legal fees and probate by planning ahead.
  • Appointing guardians for your minor children and ensuring they are cared for by the right person.
  • Protecting your assets and avoiding disputes between family members.
  • And much more.

Don’t leave your family’s future to chance. Take control and create your own Last Will and Testament today.


Are you aware that if you die without creating a last will and testament, you relinquish control over your assets and leave your family vulnerable to the whims of the state’s laws? Without a valid will, your assets will be distributed according to the state’s laws, disregarding your wishes entirely. Additionally, the state will appoint a guardian for your minor children and manage their inheritances, often leading to unfavorable outcomes.

Fortunately, with “Make Your Own Last Will and Testament,” you can prevent these scenarios and safeguard your family’s future. This book provides a thorough yet straightforward review of everything you need to consider when making a will. It also includes instructions and template forms that enable you to create your last will and testament.

By using this book, you can:

  • Leave your assets to your loved ones
  • Appoint guardians for your minor children
  • Avoid intestacy
  • Manage your children’s long-term inheritances
  • Choose someone you trust to wrap up your affairs after you die

By making a will, you can significantly reduce legal and professional fees that would otherwise be associated with going through an intestate administration process. Moreover, the book provides a simplified probate process that streamlines the entire process.

Don’t let your family’s future hang in the balance – join thousands of other prudent Americans who have already safeguarded their estates with “Make Your Own Last Will and Testament.” With our years of estate planning experience, we’ve created a simple and practical book that will guide you through the entire process of making a will.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – About Wills

What is a Will?

Basic Components of a Will

Types of Wills

Simple Wills

Testamentary Trust Wills

Pour-Over Wills

Self-Proving Wills

Holographic Wills

Oral Wills

Joint Wills

Mirror Wills

Living Wills

Dying Intestate

The Difference Between Wills and Living Wills

Do-it-Yourself Wills

Do You Need a Lawyer to Make a Will?

Chapter 2 – Making a Valid Will

What is a Valid Will?

Age of Majority

Mental Capacity

Undue Influence

Format of a Will

Signing of a Will

Having a Will Witnessed

Notarizing a Will

Chapter 3 – Wills and Intestacy

Why Everyone Needs a Will

Do I Have to Make a Will?

How Can a Will Save Me Money?

Intestacy and What Happens if You Don’t Make a Will?

Partial Intestacy

Apportionment and Distribution of Assets on Intestacy

Intestacy and Same Sex Partners

Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Chapter 4 – Gifts and Beneficiaries

What is a Gift?

Specific Item Gifts

Cash Gifts

What is a Beneficiary?

Types of Beneficiaries and Hierarchy of Distribution

Specific Gift Beneficiary

Alternate Beneficiary

Residuary Beneficiary

Who May Not Be a Beneficiary?

Gifts to Spouses

Community Property States

Common Law States

Gifts to Minors


Child’s Trust

A Family Pot Trust

Gifts to Charities

Gifts to Witnesses

Failed Bequests

Releasing Someone from a Debt

Common Disaster and Simultaneous Death


Disinheriting Your Spouse

Disinheriting Your Child

No Contest Clauses

Challenging a Will

Reducing Challenges to a Will

Chapter 5 – Appointing Executors

What is an Executor?

Alternate Executors

Overview of Executors’ Duties

What Precisely Does an Executor Do?

Probate of an Estate

Grant of Probate

Who is Entitled to Act as an Executor?

Who Should be Your Executor?

Naming an Out-of-State Executor

Cash Reserves During Probate Administration

Chapter 6 – Guardians and Children

What is a Guardian?

Sole and Joint Guardians

Alternate Guardians

Appointment of a Guardian

Who Can Be a Guardian?

Should I Appoint Guardians for My Minor Children?

Considerations When Choosing a Guardian For Your Child

What Happens When No Guardian is Named in Your Will?

Leaving an Inheritance for Children

Management of Children’s Property

What Happens Without Property Management?

Options for Property Management

Appointment of a Property Guardian

Uniform Transfer to Minors’ Act

Child Trusts

Children’s and Family Pot Trusts

Whom Should You Choose as a Trustee?

Trustee’s Duties

Chapter 7 – Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Last will and Testament

Revocable Living Trusts

Joint Ownerships

Pay-on-Death and Transfer-on-Death Accounts

Insurance Policies

Probate Free Transfers of Assets

Transfer Procedures

Reducing Taxes on Your Estate

Planning for Incapacity

Power of Attorney for Finance & Property

Advance Healthcare Directives

Living Wills

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Funeral Arrangements



Chapter 8 – Estate Taxes

Estate Tax

Federal Estate Tax

State Death Tax

State Estate or Death Taxes: Paid by the Estate

State Inheritance Taxes : Paid by the Recipient of Property

“Pick-up” Taxes

Marital Deductions

Charitable Deductions

Other Ways to Reduce Estate Taxes

Lifetime Gifts to Children and Grandchildren

QTIP Trust

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

Family Limited Partnerships

Qualified Family Owned Business (QFMOB)

Special Use Real Estate Valuation


Chapter 9 – Getting Organized and Making Your Will

Before You Start Check Out Some Online Will Packs

Getting Organized

Appoint One or More Executors

Appoint a Testamentary Guardian for Your Minor Children

What If You Own Property Overseas?

Execute Your Will in the Prescribed Fashion

Consider Related Documentation

Cash Reserves During Administration

Location of Will

Chapter 10 – When Do I Need to Make My Will

The Power of Now!

What Happens Next?

Always one of two things!

So, When Should I Make a Will?

Chapter 11 – Changing Your Will

How to Change Your Will Using a Codicil

How Often Should I Review My Will?

Keep Your Will Updated!

Revocation of a Will

Appendix 1 – Glossary of Terms

Appendix 2 – Estate Planning Worksheet

Appendix 3 – Sample Wills

Appendix 4 – General Instructions for Completing Your Will

Appendix 5 – Specific Instructions for Completing Your Will

Appendix 6 – Self Proving Affidavit – Type 1

Appendix 7 – Self Proving Affidavit – Type 2

Appendix 8 – Additional Clauses


The following forms are included with this book:-

- Last Will & Testament for a single person with no children

- Last Will & Testament for a single person with children

- Last Will & Testament for a person who is married (or in a registered domestic partnership) without children

- Last Will & Testament for a person who is married (or in a registered domestic partnership) and has children

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