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    Top 10 FAQs

    What's different about EstateBee?

    1. EstateBee puts its customers first.

    2. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, please contact us and we’ll correct the situation.

    3. EstateBee has been developed by expert lawyers with vast estate planning experience.

    4. EstateBee has been providing online estate planning documents since 2000. We were one of the first companies in the world to do this.

    5. Our online documents and legal forms contain advanced provisions that are not found in simple "do-it-yourself" forms or in most other online software.

    6. We don’t simply provide you with a fill-in-the-blank type form and send you off to sign it. We provide you with products that contain a vast degree of information to educate you on what you need to consider when creating legal documents. These products come in the form of books, legal kits and legal software with inbuilt help manuals.

    7. EstateBee allows you to take control of your estate planning affairs without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office.

    8. With EstateBee, you can save hundreds of dollars compared to the rates that an attorney and even some other websites would normally charge for preparing your legal documents.

    9. The information you provide to us is kept private and confidential and NEVER sold or passed on to third parties.

    10. We ensure that all your personal and banking details are kept in a secure environment. All document creation and financial transactions take place behind a secure sockets layers server (HTTPS) – this is the same encryption technology used by banks and other financial institutions.

    Are documents valid in all U.S. States?

    Yes, all of our documents have been individually tailored to be valid in every state. The only exception to this is Louisiana and our documents do not cater for this state.

    Is EstateBee’s service suitable for me?

    Although the documents produced by EstateBee are applicable for most cases, there are circumstances where it is advisable to seek specific legal advice. You should consult a lawyer if you:

    • are a resident of Louisiana (our documents are not suitable for use in Louisiana).
    • are involved in a matrimonial dispute or wish to disinherit your spouse.
    • have a history of mental illness or the question of your mental capacity is likely be raised in objection to the legal documents you create.
    • own personal property or real estate in multiple countries.
    • have complicated business investments.
    • have a high net worth.
    • have a large, complex estate holdings and feel that you would benefit from some advice on estate planning and tax reduction.

    This list is not exhaustive, and if you have any concerns you should consult with an attorney.

    Do you offer legal advice?

    No. We are not a law firm and we do not offer legal or indeed any other advice.

    In our products and articles, we try to provide readers with an overview of the laws in a specific area. While this overview is often general in nature, it provides a good starting point for those wishing to carry out a more detailed review of a topic. However, unlike an attorney advising a client, we cannot cover every conceivable eventuality that might affect our readers. Within the intended scope of these products and articles, we can only cover some of the principal areas in a given topic, and even where we cover these areas, we can still only do so to a moderate extent.

    We try to present useful information and documents that can be used by an average reader with little or no legal knowledge. While our sample documents can be used in most cases, everybody’s personal circumstances are different. As such, they may not be suitable for everyone. You may have personal circumstances which might impact the effectiveness of these documents or even your desire to use them. The reality is that without engaging an attorney to review your personal circumstances, this risk will always exist.

    If you are in any doubt as to whether the documents available via this site (whether they are in books, kits or otherwise) are suitable for use in your particular circumstances, you should contact a suitably qualified attorney for advice before using them.

    What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

    If you experience any problems with our service or are unhappy with any of the products you have purchased, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to try and remedy the problem for you.

    Is my credit card and personal information safe?

    Yes. All your information is 100% safe.

    All our payments and all online document creation take place behind a secure socket layers server (HTTPS). This is the same type of encryption technology used by banks and leading financial institutions to protect customer data and information. For further information, see our privacy policy.

    What is the Lawyer Review Service?

    Our lawyer review service is a simple service whereby you can send us a copy of your executed EstateBee document and one of our lawyers will check your document to ensure it has been executed properly. This will then give you some added peace of mind that you have done things correctly and that your document has been validly executed.

    What documents can I make using EstateBee?

    You can create the following documents online using our estate planning software: Last Will & Testament, Revocable Living Trust, Living Wills and Powers of Attorney. If you prefer, you can also create the same types of documents through the assistance of our books and legal kits. These books and kits give you a more detailed explanation of the documents you are creating and things you may wish to consider.

    How does your online estate planning software work?

    EstateBee's secure online estate planning software enables you to immediately create, download and print documents such as wills, living trusts, living wills and powers of attorney from the comfort of your home and without delay.

    All documents are tailored in accordance with state laws. However, the soft ware does not cater for Louisiana due to complexities around its laws.

    Through the use of a simple question and answer process, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of preparing your chosen document. It only takes a few minutes of your time and comprehensive help and information is available at every stage of the process. Of course you can always save you document and making it later; your information will remain secure.

    Ready to start? Just click on "Products" and then on any online document.

    I made a mistake with my order, how can I correct it?

    The best thing to do is to contact our customer service team. We'll do our best to resolve the problem.

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