Who can Prepare a Living Will? Planning for Incapacity

June 6, 2020

In practice, there are not very many requirements that a person must fulfil before they become entitled to prepare a living will. In fact, the requirements that apply are pretty similar to the requirements that apply to anyone wishing to create a legally binding document.

To prepare a living will, a person must first be able to understand the purpose for which he is preparing the living will and the effect of the living will document he is about to sign. This is the same standard of mental capacity that applies to the making of wills and other contracts.

In order to ensure that a person has sufficient mental capacity to understand the import of the document he is signing, the state imposes minimum requirements on those who can prepare a living will. For example, the law generally requires that a person must first reach the age of 18 years before they can prepare a living will or other advance healthcare directive.

There are, however, two important exceptions to the above requirements. Firstly, in the states of Alabama and Nebraska a person must be at least 19 year old before they can prepare a living will. Secondly, Nebraska allows a person under the age of 19 years to prepare a living will if they are married.

Most good estate planning attorneys will recommend the inclusion of a living will in your estate plan. For more information on living wills and how to make them, check out some of the other living will articles on our site.

How Can EstateBee Help You? 

For more information on living wills, read some of the other living will articles on our website.

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