Limited Power of Attorney

EstateBee’s online limited power of attorney has been prepared, reviewed, and approved by experienced estate planning lawyers. It is state-of-the-art and has been designed to comply with the laws of each specific state.

A limited power of attorney is used to appoint an agent to manage specific aspects of your legal and financial affairs. This could include matters such as managing property, running a small business, dealing with accounts in your name, and so on.

The authority can be extremely specific. For example, it could be limited to completing the sale of real estate to a specific person at a specific price and by a specific date.

The authority granted to your agent can come into effect immediately, on the occurrence of a specific event or on a specific date. It will normally come to an end on a specific date, on the occurrence of a specific event, if you become incapacitated, if you die or if you revoke the power of attorney by serving a notice of revocation on your agent.

The online creation process is easy. Just answer a few simple questions and select the options which best apply to you. Our intelligent online system will do the rest.

Your online power of attorney enables you to:

  • Appoint someone you trust act on your behalf
  • Assign someone to manage your business & financial affairs
  • Protect the value of your real estate, investments & assets
  • Have someone run your business
  • And much more


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