October 27, 2020

Does anybody know if I can use a power of attorney to hide the fact that I am buying real estate?

Martin October 27, 2020

Hi James,

You can definitely use a power of attorney to appoint someone else to conclude a real estate transaction. However, the problem is that the power of attorney effectively authorizes someone else to act in your name – so it wouldn’t help hide your identity.

What you could do is either use a trust of ask your lawyer or a professional trustee to buy the property on trust for you, or as an undisclosed agent. They would buy the real estate in their name (or in the name of a corporate vehicle or trust), but hold it on trust for you. Once the deal goes through with the seller, you can have your lawyer or trustee transfer the property to you. Just keep an eye on costs and taxes 🙂

EstateBee Team

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