Diana is a freelance writer that has written extensively in the areas of finance, financial planning and estate planning.

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Why It’s Important to Make a Will

Many people believe it’s not necessary to make a will while they’re young, before they have children, or if they’re not married. There might...

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If I Don’t Make a Living Will, What Happens? Planning for Incapacity

If you don’t make a living will, state law will intervene to determine how decisions regarding your end of life medical treatment are made....

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Advantages of Funeral Planning for You and Your Family

There are several distinct advantages to funeral planning, and indeed planning your own funeral. We will introduce some of these benefits to you below....

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Estate Planning Essentials: A Checklist of What You Need Most…

When it comes to estate planning, you might put it off because you think you’re too young or because you don’t have expensive property....

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